Angela, a close friend of mine came to my shop on a hot Friday afternoon. She stood outside for a while and she looked around confused, ‘are you sure I’m at the right place?’ she asked herself with a surprising look.

As I lifted up my head to attend to one of my customers in my shop. I saw her from the transparent glass door looking confused, I quickly asked my sales-rep to usher in. She was shocked to see a large number of customers in my shop that afternoon.

Unlike me that usually complain of low sales. She took still starring at everything and everyone. ‘Ahhh, Angela no bring bad market for me ooo’ I teased. She comfortably sat down on the white plastic chair close to me still around. Immediately I sat close to her to gist small. Why do many customers?

What’s the secret? As different thoughts ran through her mind. I caught you so tell me what could be her hidden secrets to explosive sales all of a sudden?

Let’s hear you in the comment section.
Idada Hope
HOPE IDADA AYOMEPOSI is a native of Delta state. She is a Content Creator, Storyteller, and a Social Media Manager. She exists to help individuals discover their true self, by developing their potentials and leaving them a better person than she met them. Follow her on Instagram.