Daniel, my younger brother walked into the living room with a loaf of bread in his left hand. ‘Mummy, I’m back’ he screamed, ‘ok, I am coming’ my mother answered almost immediately from the kitchen.

I was already in the dinning, sucking my noodles with the fried egg placed on the table waiting patiently to get my bread, so the mission can fully begin. My mother walked in from the kitchen, sat on the dining chair with a big plate of noodles for extra. ‘Let’s pray’ she ordered everyone. Immediately, I dragged my shirt to cover my hair. ‘Heavenly Father, we bless your name’ she began. Before we said the last ‘Amen’ my plate of noodles was already empty. ‘Ah, so you were busy eating while others were praying?’ She questioned. 

‘Hmmm ahhh, nooooo,’ I stammered with a frightened face.

‘No extra for you’ she said as she stretched her right hand to give me four loads of bread. ‘Soak that bread inside the tea now and eat so you can be full, voracious eater,’ she ordered me with a frown.

Immediately, I burst into uncontrollable laughter, nobody knew why I was laughing. Daniel joined me first, all of a sudden my mother joined us too and hers was even louder. Then Jubilee, the last born of the house left the cartoon he was watching in the living room to come and laugh with us.

‘Mummy, who told you that when you soak bread inside a cup of tea and eat you get full?’ I said with my eyes red still holding my tummy.

‘Nah’ she replied still laughing. I also heard that once a guy holds my hands I will get pregnant.

‘Ohh, come on mummy these are white lies.’ They were told to scare us or make us take some actions.

What famous lie where you told when growing up?

Let me hear you in the comment section.

Idada Hope
HOPE IDADA AYOMEPOSI is a native of Delta state. She is a Content Creator, Storyteller, and a Social Media Manager. She exists to help individuals discover their true self, by developing their potentials and leaving them a better person than she met them. Follow her on Instagram.