Yeah, today is good-Friday
#TGIGF and I believe the best way to make it a memorable one is to share some
funny and entertaining pictures with you – my loyal readers. The true is, you guys
mean a lot to me and I have to make sure your good-Friday is taken care of in
the most unimaginable way possible. You can call it CSR and you would not sound
out of place. 
Moving swiftly on,
these pictures were randomly selected from status of friends and acquaintances
on Whats-app – the most popular instant messaging mobile application in the
world today.

Guess what feeples?
I have more than a thousand friends on Whats-app and it is so much fun to
checkout on friends and their respective statuses and their pictures/short
videos make you laugh uncontrollably. I am a big fan of laughter because it is
pain and stress relieving. So, these statuses are something I always look up to
at intervals and the positive effects they have on my psychological balance and
overall well-being can never be over-emphasized. 
Recently, I decided
to start screen-grabbing these funny pictures and I will share 20 crazy
pictures with you guys on this special day. I hope it is a good idea.

On a more serious
note, I would like to use this opportunity to implore the youths to ensure the
judicious use of the social media channels currently at our disposal. Two days
ago, I was flabbergasted when I heard that Nigeria is the second highest
country in the world in terms of sharing/circulation of information on social
media only after the United States. 
However, the
questions are; are we sharing the right information? Are we using social media
to better our situation and make sure our leaders are held accountable for
their actions and in actions? In the recent past, protesters in Egypt
co-ordinated rallies and anti-government protests through Facebook and other
social media channels to ensure the ousting of Hosni Mubarak’s hostile regime
during the Arab Spring.
Conclusively, I
totally believe the potentials that social media presents should be
holistically harnessed to better our life and living conditions but before I
go, which is the funniest picture? Please use the comment box.
God Bless Us All
Olusanya, Oluwole
Oluwole Olusanya
Oluwole Olusanya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and entertainment website in the country. He is a banker, writer, blogger, public affairs analyst and a tax consultant. He anchors Trending Topics on SHEFFA where he shares his thoughts and opinions on trending issues. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom. He has diplomas in Banking and Finance, Investigative Journalism, Creative Writing, and Linguistics from Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.