What’s trending and what’s

by RJ Firchau
We’re well into 2016 by now.
You’ve most likely already made (and broken?) some resolutions for the year,
are we right? Regardless, if you’re like us, the beginning of each year is the
time that we do a little bit of a touch-base with our style–a little bit of
spring cleaning, so to speak. This is the time we evaluate the things we really
like wearing or want to start wearing, as well as the pieces in our wardrobes
that still suit us and our personalities well. Conversely, this is also the
time that we like to evaluate what we don’t like, both in terms of pieces we
already own and new trends that we are starting to see pop up on the racks.
Obviously, what works and doesn’t work for one man’s style may be completely
different for another’s. However, we wanted to weigh in on some of the top,
definitive trends that should be kept and tossed this year. To do that, we
asked our newest batch of Style Guru Society menswear bloggers what they
thought. Read on to meet some of our Gurus and see their takes on the top 5
trends to keep and toss in 2016.
Trends to Keep

Exposed Ankles

“For 2016, I intend to keep on
tailoring my pants with a slim taper and no break, such that my ankles are
exposed. I don’t see this trend going away for a while.” – Ryan Fisico, Let’s
Get Fisico


“I love how turtlenecks have
come back in full-force. It reminds me of the stylish spy-type aesthetic circa
1960’s. They are great because they keep you warm, and they look good under a
blazer or a leather jacket. Release your inner man from U.N.C.L.E. or 007!” –
Diego Leon, Dandy in the Bronx

Denim on Denim

“Denim on denim is a keeper
for sure. It’s flattering in the spring–try out a chambray shirt and jeans for
an on-trend look that’s weather-appropriate. And for colder temperatures, throw
on a denim jacket and jeans.” – DJ Hargrave, Tailor Made Style

Bomber Jackets

“Bomber jackets are great for
casual days, and they keep you warm and comfortable while simultaneously
elevating your style. The right bomber jacket can add a pop of color and class
to any outfit.” – Alex Salcedo, The Casual Boardwalk

Polka Dots

“Whether they be featured on
socks or ties (or anything in between), polka dots are hot right now–and have
been for along time, so I don’t see them going away any time soon. They are
fun, (typically) colorful, and add an extra dimension of pattern to your look.
The key is for them to not be too overwhelming. Subtle polka dots right now are
what subtle paisley was in 2015.” – Sunny Murthy, Well-Dressed Student

Trends to Toss

“In 2015, the trend for
suiting was to over-accessorize, thanks to the abundance of suit accessories
and accessory styles–ties, pocket squares, lapel pins/flowers, AND tie bars,
often times worn altogether. This year, I’m going to make a point to only wear
a maximum of two accessories per outfit to let my style stand out in a more
subtle way.” – Ryan Fisico

“I know, I know, I just said
that I liked turtlenecks. But honestly, these days, everyone owns and wears
turtlenecks. Literally everyone. It seems to have become the lazy way to go,
when you don’t want to wear a shirt and tie, for example. It can look very
dated when you use the wrong colors. I’ve even seen some brands go for even
larger and thicker turtlenecks for 2016. Let’s leave that to Zoolander. I guess
what I’m trying to say about turtlenecks is to tread lightly and choose
classic, well-fitting pieces that look good and that add to, rather than
detract from, your ensemble.” – Diego Leon
Hawaiian-Print Shirts

“Those ‘loud’ Hawaiian-print
shirts that you guys saw on everyone all summer last year? Yeah, those have to
go. I invested in one or two of these, and looking back, I feel silly that I
ever wore them out in public.” – DJ Hargrave

“I’ve noticed that these are
coming back, and I don’t understand why. On girls, overalls can look chic and
cool. On dudes… it looks as if you should be working as a carpenter or a
painter or something. Overall, overalls give off slouchy, lazy vibes. Not a
good look.” – Alex Salcedo
Duck Boots

“Please just trash them all.
These boots, in my opinion, lack style and are overly hyped. Unfortunately,
though, try walking around a college campus and you won’t go more than five
seconds without seeing someone wearing a pair.” – Sunny Murthy
Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.