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The BOOK OF SOLID MEATS authored by Victor Negro was released on the 4th of June and it has received a lot of positive reviews from readers within and outside the country ever since.

Fortunately, I reviewed the last part of the book, titled: Motivations and Inspirations.

The third part of this lovely trilogy talks about inspirational and motivational pieces tailor-made to make us the best we can be. My chapter by chapter review is captured in the subsequent paragraphs. Please enjoy.

Chapter 46

Living well to Leave well touches on the importance of healthy living and leading a purposeful life. The chapter explains the importance of being deliberate and making sure that our goals and purpose in life align. It also touches on the importance of time and emphasis the importance of its prudent use.

In the concluding part of the post, Victor noted that ‘We deceive ourselves that we have plenty of time to live earthly lives. We don’t. How right or wrong we use this little time and live our lives will bear so much on whether we leave legacies or not before we transit to the world beyond.’

Chapter 47

Evolve captures a lovely topic – Self-improvement. In this chapter, Victor encouraged us to always seek to be better versions of ourselves, he also offered interesting ways we can achieve this. I believe the journey to self-improvement is an interesting and fulfilling one.

Excepts from the chapter, ‘As the process of polishing diamonds into glittering form, these inputs will act on you and bring you up a higher level of self with greater outputs. Don’t be contented with being what you are. You are made for more. Seek it and be it.’

Chapter 48

I like to summarize ‘The Unfolding Self’ as a continuation of the previous chapter – Evolve. In this chapter, Victor continues with a sermon on self-actualization but it gets better. Interestingly, he also included that we have capable of the most unimaginable of things. How true is this? According to reliable research, the average human being only accesses 40% of their cerebral capacity in their lifetime. Look around you, we have been able to achieve these seemingly unimaginable feats with the use of only 40% of our God-given talents, what do you think will happen if we could access more?

Excerpts from the post; ‘Don’t judge how far you can go in the future by your current potentials. You have no idea how the books you are still to read, the people you’re yet to meet, and the experiences you’re yet to pass through; will lead you into further discoveries of yourself and your yet-to-be-tapped potentials.’

Chapter 49

Being Hooked On The Idea of Self Development discusses the type of addiction that is auspicious to us and others around us. The more we continue to look for ways to improve our lives and relationships with those around us, the more we begin to incarnate the infinite power of emotional intelligence in our dealings with others and the glow radiates to others. Personally, this post is one of my favorites from Victor, I remember reading it over and over again the first time I saw it.

In the concluding part of the post, the author noted thus; ‘How hooked are you to personal development? Do you value it or you think it is just a waste of time? Do you get discouraged by the loneliness and the dark holes of yourself that you have to face to become better? What will separate you from common people is your willingness to grow up beyond their level of being and that means having the courage to confront the light and dark sides of your being. Don’t bother that they call you crazy. It is one thing to be crazy for steady self-development and in being your best self, and another to be crazily in love with comfort zones, old selves, and mediocre people who aren’t going anywhere.’

Chapter 50

Reading books are of utmost importance but when you get this type of advice from an author, you begin to question the motive.

Books are very important, and the advent of technology and technological innovations have made reading much more convenient and worthwhile. You can download audiobooks and listen to them in your car or phone while on your way to and from work. You can also download soft copies of books to get on your phones, tabs, and laptops to mention a few for future retrieval.

However, I don’t believe that books ultimately hold the key to self-awareness and development. I read magazines, blogs, journals for scientific recovery and academic research, and newspapers to keep abreast of recent happenings and current affairs and these documents have also helped a great deal to make me a better person.

In summary, reading/learning is very important for self-development but please, choose what you read wisely. In a part of the post, Victor noted that; ‘However, know the portion of time to spend in reading and know when to think about what you have read, when to plan on what you have thought, and when to execute on what you have planned. Though not all books will require you to take immediate action, many will inspire you to think differently and that is where the action starts.

Chapter 51

The chapter deals with real success beyond academic achievements. In the opening paragraphs, the writer tells us a story about a commercial motorcycle operator who happens to be a physics graduate. In the closing paragraphs, Victor encouraged us to seek to study and understand life and ensure we maximize our potentials. He noted that; ‘If our schools teach people how to succeed in life, the world will be a better place with far less number of people who cannot make something out of their lives outside what they learned in school. The schools prepare people to take up the jobs which sprang up out of the industrial age. The schools cannot teach people outside of what the system wants them to know. An educational system designed to educate people about who they are and unlock their potentials will create a society of free men and women who live by their own rules.’

Chapter 52

Excerpts from the post, ‘It is a pity that people with promising potentials walk the streets with heads full of school class memories and no clue about what makes them. The purpose of education is to call out the potentials of people but conventional education fails at it and any society with failing institutions and archaic curriculum only makes impossible the self-realization of its people. A person without knowledge of themselves and their capabilities will drift through life aimlessly.’

Clueless tends to challenge stakeholders in the educational sector to begin to reinvent what conventional education should look like and how it should shape the lives of the individual.

Chapter 53

When attention goes, energy flows talks about the importance of feeding our attentions to the right things needed to succeed. As clearly stated in the title, its energy flows attention.

In some part of the chapter, Victor noted that; ‘The more you think about your fears, your plans, your goals, the improvement or deterioration of your health, or whatever someone has done or spoken to you, the more you feed them energy and make their reality stronger. Energy is creative. It makes things happen.’

Chapter 54

In this chapter, Mental Effective Programming, Victor addresses the infinite power of the human mind and how it can be used to get seemingly impossible things done. He noted that wars are lost and won in the human mind with Mental programming.

In the concluding part of the chapter, He noted that ‘Whatever you want to do, but cannot do, can be programmed into the doing. Watch people do them. Go on the internet and see videos or articles about the benefits of that very thing you want to do. Get your mind gingered. Your mind will take its first move in the doing and soon habit is formed and momentum gained.’

Chapter 55

This chapter: Intellectual Slothfulness: A Barrier To Putting Mind Principles To Work tells everyone what they do not want to hear. You need hard and smart work to actualize your dreams. Simple.

Excerpts from the chapter, ‘The fact is that intellectual slothfulness is the reason why people cannot put into practice many of the things they have learned from too many motivational speeches. You know why? Because mental laziness is their enemy! They are still operating a default mental program that keeps them at ease with their lives as they have always loved it. Taking time out to meditate upon a concept or idea, to brainstorm and devise plans, and to employ the creative power of thought is a problem to them. If they can get someone to do it for them, they will be happy.’

Chapter 56

Determining Productive Friendships examines the power of friendship and how it shapes the lives of individuals but Victor takes it a little further, he highlighted and discussed the type of friends we should keep and how they influence our overall outlook in life. No doubt, social relationships, and human contacts go a very long way to share our thoughts and belief system, that is why Victor is particular about the type of friends we keep. Thank You, Zaddy.

Excerpts from the chapter, ‘To filter close friends from the pool of friends and new meet-ups, you have to determine your values and see who shares these values with you. If you are committed to learning and books are things you and very valuable, figure out who shares learning with you. These are people who would polish you by what they know and also get polished by what you know. You can get dulled down hanging out with people who don’t value learning as you do. Other values can be honesty, work, godliness, delity, and a life given to philosophy.’

Chapter 57

Intentional Marketing gives interesting insights into the power of building contacts and leveraging the importance of social connections to our advantage. Building social connections are very important, it helps to get things done more quickly and with lesser hurdle but we should do it right if we want to do it at all.

Victor also tells a step further, he gives the dos and don’ts of intentional marketing. Excerpts from the chapters, ‘Intentional networking takes into consideration the interest of the other and listens to them genuinely. Don’t expect things to happen too soon. Strengthen the link between yourself and your connections. The reason you have them in your network is that something can be produced out of such a circle, now or in the future.’

Chapter 58

‘Your dream and your persona’ is very simple to decipher because it is self-explanatory.

Excerpts; ‘Every dream that anyone aspires to must of necessity require them to step into the character of the person of such a dream. It is the persona, the person with all his or her mindset, language, and mannerisms. Consider it a role that you must necessarily act out otherwise you would be far from performing rightly within the light of such a dream. If you cannot mirror the persona of your dream, you cannot truly live it.’

Chapter 59

Behavior and Habit. Their similarities and differences. How do you effectively employ them to be a better version of yourself? This chapter discusses these issues extensively.

Excerpts; ‘Behaviour is not chiey formed by habits but can be influenced by them. Behaviour is often formed by certain thought patterns which are themselves influenced by perceptions, worldviews, and beliefs. When negative behavior appears as a personality trait, and bad habits masquerade as pleasure-seeking, these two become the enemy of any individual, a rise above a life of mediocrity will be difficult. And, if the enemy without can succeed in programming the enemy within against the individual, destruction may occur and the individual will be blamed and not the enemy without which may be hiding behind invisibility.’

Chapter 60

A sentence with 7 words effectively captures the message the whole chapter intends to pass across. Do not sit down and expect sudden luck.

Chapter 61

The Principles of Investment talks about the importance of money and how we can make money work for us. In the chapter, Victor discusses what happiness entails and the important role money plays in creating beautiful moments and getting things done. He also likens investment to farming and carefully lists all the stages involved in investment/farming.

Excerpts from the chapter; ‘During the period of your farming, maintain a positive attitude to your work. Never allow fear, doubt, or discouraging reports, to direct negative energy from your mind towards your seeds. Never shut your eyes to more opportunities to invest. If you and soil and have a seed but cannot do the planting yourself, employ people to do so for you and supervise the growth and harvest of it.’

Chapter 62

Does financial wealth matter? Oh yes, it does to a great extent. Please read victor’s advice on how and why you need to make a lot of money. ‘Therefore, no matter your vocation, your goals and aspirations, or where in the world you are located, if you resolve in your heart to enjoy more of life, then you must know you have a right to wealth and then it is of necessity that you apply your mind to the acquisition of as many financial resources as you can. Your mind must aid you in doing things differently as this is how you stand out and attract people to you who are willing to pay for what you offer. It is your right to be rich. Never settle for less.’

Chapter 63

Human limitations do not exist. The only limitations exist in our minds. The chapter – Awareness charges us to be a better version of ourselves. Victor uses the opportunity this chapter presents to reminds us that we can be whatever we want to be as long as we put our minds to it. In the second paragraph, Victor makes some very valid points; ‘The moment people become aware of their core self, the moment they take a plunge into the well of their being and make discoveries of their capabilities and work on them with mind, imagination, and faith, miracles begin to happen.’

Chapter 64

The first sentence summarizes the whole chapter titled; Radical Goal Chasing. ‘If you want something you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done.’

How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams, how far are you willing to go to make sure you achieve your goals?

Chapter 65

Inspired actions might be a color you see, a shape, a sound, a person’s situation, a billboard ad, a caption on a newspaper, a number, or a dream scene – just any clue or prompting that you did not consciously look out for. When you get inspired actions, do not second guess it, do not dwell on the pros and cons, just run with it; act on it. Too many breakthroughs have happened because people acted on inspired actions. Don’t let your case look any different when you get one.

Chapter 66

The chapter – Action is the proof of belief talks about the need to take action. No doubt, action is the missing link between dreams and success. Interestingly, Victor explains in clear terms, the need to take action. Hear him, ‘You don’t have to wait for signs here and there to make a move. Once you have laid out your goal, plan, and strategy, the next line of action is taking action. If your goal or desire is just some castle in the air, if you don’t believe in it, rest assured you won’t take action. You will just make excuses.’

Chapter 67

Move, move, and move. Do not be a sitting duck. The concluding part puts Victor’s case to rest. Hear him, ‘You are the protagonist of your story, make things happen, and never be a sitting duck. Set goals smartly, plan strategically, and act intelligently for the life you want and the goals which get you there.’

Chapter 68

Can you play football in the dark? The title of this chapter asks a rhetorical question and it was inspired by a quote; if you play football in the dark, you will never see your goals. The message the author intends to pass across is multidimensional, this means that it can mean different things to different people.

The first school of thought can interpret this to mean, plan holistically to avoid chaos whereas the second school of thought can interpret this to mean, avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters. Whichever way we choose to understand and apply the message in this chapter, this is meant to guide us from chaos and chaotic situations.

The third paragraph does a wonderful job of summarizing the author’s message; ‘When you set out in life towards a certain goal but lack understanding of the field you want to operate in, you will play your game in the dark and lose sight of your goal.’

Chapter 69

Success is not instant noodles but I and everyone reading the Book of Solid Meats wish it was. Well, Victor would rather break your heart with the truth than lead you on with lies. Success takes a lot of effort, tenacity, perseverance, and hard/smart work. Success is not instant noodles, success is like pounded yam without the poundo. Lol.

A sentence says it all; ‘Success is not instant noodles. Sit at that re and roast your game.’

Chapter 70

You are your future – Victor Negro. (The Crucial Conflict)

Chapter 71

On strength and Weaknesses deals with a lovely topic. Most of us are well aware of our strength, the areas we shine the brightest, those things we can do with little or no extra effort. Some call them talents, others refer to them as gifts. Whichever they are, they make us better versions of ourselves but the conservation will not be complete without touching on our weaknesses. Yes, those are the things we need to constantly work on to improve ourselves and our dealing with others.

Excerpts from the chapter; ‘So, coaches often advise that people plug into their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Though all weaknesses don’t end up becoming strengths, mastery of them can make a whole lot of difference.’

Chapter 72

Keywords: Your victory is on the other side of your fears.

Chapter 73

The Notifications You Ignore charges us to take our life more seriously. Our health, our wellbeing, and ultimately our existence are premised on how well we pay attention to the messages and clues our bodies give to us. In the chapter, Victor likens our bodies to social media posts and reactions and reminds us of the type of attention we give to those Whatsapp and Instagram notifications. We only need to give a little to our mental health and general wellbeing to be better versions of ourselves.

In the concluding part of the chapter; ‘Diverse notifications come to you, hinting at the condition of things. They are subtle and are not loud like the beep of your phone. If you ignore them, it is only to your loss. While you enjoy your social media notifications, don’t ignore those which concern your life as a human being.’

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