The Everyday Overnight Bag

Be prepared for whatever life
throws at you with the perfectly equipped overnight bag

Written by Paul Sarabia

The trick for every
well-prepared gentleman on the go is the perfect (Everyday) Overnight Bag.
How often do you find yourself
in a late night study session or throwing your hands up in surrender thanks to
the five o’clock rush hour?  Sometimes guys
simply need a break from the grind and this is where a properly packed
overnight bag will come to the rescue. Whether you’re a gym rat or a debonair
after-hours man, we’ll ensure you’re well prepared for the all-important
adventures that fuel your daily grind.  A
few essential pieces plucked from your drawers will make your post work social
life stress-free.
The Right Bag

Enter the standard duffle
bag.  They are normally about 16 to 24
inches in length and a width of 26 inches to accommodate a pair of shoes and a
decent wardrobe. I personally endorse the J Crew Abington Duffle at $198 due to
its’ ability to handle all situations inside and out, but I understand a more
sensible price point can serve the same functionality.
The Right Clothing

  • Gym Shorts
  • Gym T-Shirt
  • Running Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Athletic Socks
  • Casual Socks
  • Underwear
  • Denim Jeans
  • Polo or Button-Up Shirt
  • Leather Belt
  • Towel
  • Flip Flops
The Right Toiletries

  • Waterproof Toiletry Kit
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Travel size deodorant and
    facial scrub
  • Condoms
  • Wet wipes
  • Liquid body wash
Optional Extras

  • Cologne or body spray
  • Mouthwash
More often than not, I find
myself dilly-dallying during the five o’clock rush hour. Instead of spending 30
minutes bumper to bumper, I cash in on the extra time at the gym. The 30+
minutes you would have wasted is optimal workout time. The flip-flops come in
handy to avoid catching a fungus, which is among us, on gym shower floors.
The non-gym items will
accentuate your buff-ness, post-workout. This allows you to be ready to meet up
with your lady for dinner, or possibly, a random honey at a bar with the guys.
Either way, you are prepared to take your post-work social life by the horns.
Though this may seem like a
lot to fit in one bag, you can opt to tailor your duffle to your post work
agenda if you have an idea of what your late night activities are about.  The basics are covered, on this occasion.
Paul Sarabia

Born and raised in the slums
of Santa Ana, CA, where the word “dog” meant four different
things.The only way to make it out was simple, “college.” I look to
bring you information and points of views on important matters of the
sartorially savvy gentleman. It’s jokes while jaunting down a complex road of
“what about’s” and “what’s what.”My personality is
characterized like the whiskey I drink: neat.

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.