It’s not all glitz and glam

Written by Gus Penton

One career path often misunderstood
in the world of fashion is that of a celebrity wardrobe stylist. Many assume
it’s all glitz, glam, high profile clients, fashion shows and parties galore.
That’s not entirely inaccurate
to a degree, but it also takes the right eye and understanding for fashion,
creativity, along with constant legwork, endless hours of travel to accommodate
your clients and years of hard work to gain the credibility it takes to really
make it.
The GentleManual had a chance
to catch up with a rising celebrity stylist, Kev Couture, making his name in
the industry by keeping NFL players, musicians, and several other high profile
clients looking at the top of their fashion game.
Th GentleManual: Tell me a
little bit about your career up to date.
Kev Couture: “I started Kev
Couture Fashion Inc. three years ago. In this time I’ve poured myself into this
100%. The most recent major moment was styling a few clients for the Grammy
Awards, so that was pretty fun and I enjoyed myself. I got an invite for London
Fashion Week, but my schedule was so hectic so I couldn’t make it. I’ll
certainly be there in September. I was very excited about my application being
accepted for London Fashion Week, it’s a huge bench mark in my career.”
So how did you enjoy your time
at the Grammys?
“Oh man, I had never been to
the Grammys before so the three days I was there was like a whirlwind. I didn’t
really sleep that much. One of the people I styled was one of Adam Levine’s
good friend, so I was styling her every day making sure she looked good at all
the events she would go to. I actually got to go to the famous Clive Davis
party at the Beverly Hills Hilton and that was so cool.”
Where’s the first place you
start when styling a client?
“I usually sit down with them
for an initial consultation and ask them what look they’re trying to achieve.
We get the direction, what colors they like, where they’re going, and they help
me figure out what outfits I’m going to put them in. Ultimately I want them to
look good, but be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable and look uptight, your
outfit isn’t going to project a confident look. Every look for every client is
100% tailored to them.”
How would you describe your
life in a nutshell as a celebrity stylist?
“It’s definitely fun. It’s
great to be on the cutting edge, to see what’s coming out next. The process can
be very time consuming, but at the end of the day, I just have fun. It’s a
profession that pays me to make people look good. That’s something I thoroughly
enjoy. It’s a job, but it’s the best job I could have. I love what I do.”
What is your personal style
“My personal style is pretty
much old Hollywood. I like the velvet blazers, bow ties, pocket squares. You
know, I like stuff that’s simple and clean but says a lot. Less is more.”
Who are some of the NFL
players you’ve worked with? ”
Austin Pettis of the St. Louis
Rams, Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears, Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions.
I’ve worked with these guy for events as well as travel. When the teams travel
for away games there’s a certain dress code they have to adhere to and the
style I enjoy getting clients into most is exactly what they need for these
How do you feel about the
current trends and state of fashion?
“I think if people blindly
follow trends, they’re always going to be missing something with their personal
style. Because trends come and go. You’ll end up looking like everyone else in
the end. I always say you can add trendy pieces into your style, but don’t just
look like a walking trend.”
What are some of the top
colors for spring?
“You’ll see a lot of sorbet
shades and burnt orange.”
What about accessories for
“Men’s accessory sales this
past year have increased by about 40%. You’ll see a lot of men focusing more on
scarves, ties, bracelets, watches, and recently we’ve started to see more
pendants on blazers. It helps personalize the outfit.
Where do you see yourself
going with your career?
“I definitely want to design
menswear later on, that’s my ultimate goal. Rachael Zoe for example was a
stylist before she was a designer, she knows how garments are supposed to look
and fit after her experience. But I’d like to style for another four to five
Who would be your dream
“I like working with a lot of
different people honestly. When you work with one client you can become
comfortable and that’s not my style. But if I had to pick one, LeBron James
would be pretty fun to work with.”
Gus Penton

Gus Penton is a writer for
‘The Gentlemanual’ and a freelance digital marketing consultant.He treats life
as if it were an extended working vacation, loves everything surfing, and
learning about other cultures. Gus is also a Florida State University graduate.
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