It is often expressed in some metaphysical circles that “when the student is ready the Master or Teacher will appear.” This is true. But I will like to add that the Master is none other than YOU. The Master is never external to your Whole Identity or Energy. The Master is you ready for YOU.

Most of the time when we make reference to our individual selves, we tend to only see the limited space-time bound ego that we think we are. We fail to see the non-physical versions of ourselves which cannot fully express itself in physical form. This non-physical form of us extends to several dimensions of reality and also holds knowledge of everything we seek. And as we become awakened, we become awakened to more of who we are.

Photo credit: TheMindJournal.Com

Kunle O. Daramola
Kunle O. Daramola is an individual that is passionate about exploring the farther reaches of the human mind. His fascination with a broader, enlightening and empowering perspective of life and existence has equipped him with leading-edge ideas on the paradigm shift that will launch humanity into its future of magnificence and individual empowerment. He anchors ‘Imagine’ on SHEFFA, a bi-weekly column where he shares his thoughts and general opinion on life. Read more of his articles on KUNDRAMS