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by Deanna Ginter
Spring is upon us, gents.  And with this season, comes new ways to
reveal your dapper side.  Spring menswear
has a new palette of colors that should not be overlooked.  This season’s most popular looks include
shades of blue, green, and a dash of marsala. 
Mixing these contrasting colors may seem a bit complex, so we’ve curated
a quick guide on how to put together a complete gentleman’s spring look.  The good news is you have options:  Remain at ease by mixing with neutrals (doing
so makes for a classic look), or don’t hesitate to be bold and pair the
differing tones with each other.  Before
you decide on your style route of choice, take a look at our guide, and get
ready to add new and improved spring menswear colors to those threads of yours.

This soft shade of blue is a
great place to start when mixing these colors into your daily attire.  Dusk Blue looks great with neutrals, and can
be worn as any piece of your dapper look. 
Because of the subtle tone to this color, patterns are encouraged and
add a touch of charm.


Glacier Gray’s versatile nature
allows you to mix with any of the spring menswear colors, or simply stick to
neutrals.  Pair it with white or lighter
colors for a cool springtime vibe, or go with a dark dye to get your daily dose
of bold. Can you say fifty shades of dapper?


This tint of green gives off a
bolder impression, so what better way to display that side of your
personality?  As for this color, it pairs
best with dark blues and neutrals; stick to the basics, and you’ll be king of
the Treetop.


Not just classic, but
timeless–this blue should be treated as a foundation for any gentleman
look.  Paired with neutrals, it creates a
sophisticated and clean ensemble.  If
you’re feeling venturous, mix Classic Blue with virtually any color you can get
your hands on.


Try the light, yet muted
Toasted Almond for a polished finish. 
This hue mixes nicely with neutrals, grays, and blues.  Not too sure about this one?  Start small with a colored tie or bow tie to
incorporate this spring menswear color into your garbs.


Another shade that plays well
with neutrals, but definitely not one to be ignored.  Woodbine gives an exciting twist to dark
blues, while maintaining utter sophistication.


More of a rustic tone, pair
sandstone with darker colors for a bold yet casual look.  Pairing with Classic Blue causes for a great
combination of this season’s colors.


A darker tint of Glacier Gray,
Titanium is one to be worn with your favorite softer hues.  This spring menswear color has a versatility
that you will want to take advantage of.


Both designers and street
stylists are using the eye-catching shades of Marsala to the fullest.  Although worn best with neutral colors, this
is one shade that has no trouble standing out on it’s own.  Pair with darker neutrals for a bold presence
you’ll never tire of.


Last, but certainly not least,
of the spring menswear colors is the soft Lavender Herb.  Best paired with neutrals, this is a great
color for the season.  Unsure about
sporting a shade of purple?  Start with a
simple lavender herb tie to create the foundation for your gentleman look.
You are now equipped with a
new color scheme.  Take it, run with it,
and incorporate it into your wardrobe for a fresh new twist on your gentleman
Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.