This post is essentially research into the history of the Isreal/Palestine conflict.

In consequence, my discussion will be broken down into three fascinating parts for easier understanding and assimilation. They are listed, below;

  • In the first part of my post, I will address the Isreal/Palentine Conflict and delve into its ancient history.
  • The second part will address Trump’s handling of the Isreal/Palentine peace process and I will discuss in explicit detail, What the ‘Deal of the Century’ is all about.
  • Lastly, I will look at Trump’s overall Middle East foreign policy and conclude with a workable solution to the current crises.

I will also include links to support my arguments and aid further research into the topic.

Part 1

Isreal and Palestine have been on the news since the middle of April because of the renewed conflict from both parties, and the million-dollar question is; what transpired?

Palestinians have been protesting Isreal’s eviction and other forms of oppression from their homes and properties in the Eastern part of Jerusalem and it resulted in pockets of violent clashes between protesters and the police. The breaking point came earlier in the month where there was a violent raid in a popular mosque in Jerusalem where Muslim faithful were gathered for special supplications in observance of the holy month of Ramadan that left scores injured. Horrific events have followed and casualties have been recorded on both sides but Palentine seems to be on the receiving end.

According to CNN, Sunday, 16th May 2021 was the deadliest day since the conflict began. Excerpts from the post, ‘Two Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed at least 43 Palestinians — including eight children — and injured 50 others, most of whom were women and children early Sunday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. With the latest casualties, the death toll in Gaza has climbed to a total of 197, including at least 58 children and 34 women, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza this week, at least 1,235 Palestinians have been injured, with the number expected to rise, the health ministry said, as paramedics continue to carry out search operations. Ten Israelis have been killed by rockets fired from Gaza, according to the IDF.’ Please follow the link to read the article in its totality.

What is the Isreal/Palentine Conflict?

An article from BBC’s official website explains the 100 years old violence in layman’s terms.

Britain took control of the area known as Palestine after the ruler was defeated in the first world war. Initially, the area was occupied by a majority of Arab Muslims and a majority of Jews. For Jews, it was their ancestral home, but Palestinian Arabs also claimed the land and opposed the move. Please follow the link to read the article –

On the flip side, the article for Wikipedia offers a more comprehensive explanation of the Israel-Palestine issue. Please check it out for further research –

Part 2

On Saturday, GodFada shared a post on our WhatsApp group excessively idolizing Trump and the brilliance of his foreign policy. They listed several airstrikes against leaders and key masterminds of terrorist organizations in the middle east and everywhere else. Peace deals that were reached and trade deals that were closed were also included in a post obviously dedicated to lavish unnecessary praise on Trump. Excerpts from the post;

‘No terrorist (Hamas or ISIS) looks at Joe Biden and wets their pants. Merely watching Biden talk is enough motivation to want to blow things up because everything about Biden reeks of weakness and pitifulness.

I can assure you that no real terrorist would want to sit down and listen or negotiate with Joe Biden. He simply does not instill fear in evil people. Despots and terrorists would only listen to you or negotiate because they respect you out of fear of you.

Trump on the other hand instilled fear in terrorists and dictators.  THEY ALL FEARED TRUMP!’

In a similar vein, Olusola also posted on his WhatsApp status (the next day) why the renewed agitation and violent clashes in the agelong Isreal-Palestine conflict are happening now. He blamed President Biden’s weakness and the short-sightedness of his foreign policy for the resurgence of violent clashes in the troubled region.

I believe that Trump’s foreign policy is largely controversial and ambiguous. Unlike GodFada’s post that was engaged to lavish excessive praise and admiration on Trump, I will be realistic and pragmatic. The Trump administration achieved several foreign policy big wins like bringing the NATO alliance to their knees and ensuring that they take their defense budgets more seriously, taking out some key members of terrorist organizations and their masterminds.

The world is a better place without the likes of Sulemani, Al-Baghdadi, and Quassim Al-Rimi and we cannot take those achievements away from the Trump administration. However, Trump left a more hostile Middle East than he met.

The security situation and challenges in the Middle East and aggressors like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria were not effectively and efficiently handled by the Trump administration and what we are witnessing now is a spit over from the previous administration’s carelessness and I will show you how.

First, Trump carelessly recognized Jerusalem as the official capital of Isreal without carefully examining and addressing the repercussion of this dangerous decision. He also moved the American Embassy there from Tel Aviv. Result? Violence clash between protesters and security forces.

Second, on 28th January 2020, The Trump administration announced a peace deal dedicated to addressing the agelong Isreal – Palestine conflict in what is popularly referred to as the ‘Deal Of The Century’. The idea was spearheaded by Jared Kushner, a top adviser in Trump’s administration and a son-in-law of former President Trump. Please follow the links to read about the Deal Of The Century.

My take, Trump is large to be blamed for the renewed aggression and conflict in the Middle East because like everything else, he handled the Israel-Palestine conflict irresponsibly and immaturely. The Deal of the Century was exceptionally one-sided; it was meant to reinforce Isreal’s excessive domination and hostility against the Palestinians and that is the main reason, it never made any progress.

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal and moving the American embassy there only deepen the crisis between the two parties. Like in most cases, Trump did more harm than good.

In the third part of my post, I will look at a way forward from this crisis but I will list some foreign policy failures of the Trump administration before I do that. Three significant events occurred during Trump’s tenure as President and I would like to use them as my basis to access his Middle East Foreign policy. The murder of Suleimani and working out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, and the Isreal- Palestine conflict.

Iran Nuclear Deal: I have written about the Iran Nuclear Deal sometimes in the past and my arguments against the withdrawal from the peace deal are still very alive and valid. I also delved into the murder of General Sulemani. I will suggest everyone reads my stand on the issue (if you have not done that already) –

The Isreal – Palestine Conflict: The Isreal – Palestine conflict has been addressed extensively today. I also plan to articulate my thoughts into a post to be published on the website. The link will be shared here as well as other social media platforms as soon as I do that.

The Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder: On 2nd October 2019, a Saudi-born journalist and Washington Post columnist was murdered inside the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey by the Saudi Government and the Trump administration did very little to hold the Kingdom accountable. Instead, Trump vetoed Congress’s disapproval to sell arms to the Kingdom, and when asked about the murder and the Kingdom’s involvement; Trump stated that; ‘he personally wished everything could go away.’

A graphic explanation of what exactly when down in the Saudi Consulate on the 2nd of October, 2019; before and after the event and everything else is captured in a documentary titled: ‘The Dissident.” I have watched the documentary and I also shared the movie with my colleague – Ogochukwu. I will be more than willing to share the movie with Olusola when I see him this weekend.

Conclusively, I believe illegal land occupation and religious and cultural differences are the main reasons for the ongoing conflict. I still have faith in the United States resolve and ability to bring lasting peace (whoever is in the White House) to the Isreal – Palestine conflict in particular and the Middle East in general.

Any administration willing to achieve a peaceful coexistence will ensure that both parties are adequately consulted and their voices heard before any peace deal can be drafted. According to opinion polls, a large majority of Israelis and Palestinians residing in the troubled region want a two-state solution which means that Palestinians want to be recognized as a sovereign state. This can only be achieved where both parties are willing and ready to have concessions and sacrifice for genuine and lasting peace to reign.

Oluwole Olusanya
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