The Teenage Personality Traits Linked To Long Life

The Teenage Personality Traits Linked To Long Life post image

People with these personality
traits as teenagers are likely to live longer.
Empathy, calmness and energy
are among the personality traits that predict a long life, new research finds.
These teenage personality
traits predicted people’s longevity five decades later.
Along with these, people who
are tidier, intellectually curious and more mature also live longer.
In contrast, people who were
impulsive as teens were not likely to live as long.
Impulsive people tend to act
without thinking or controlling themselves.
The conclusions come from a
study that followed 26,845 people for almost 50 years, on average, starting in
All were asked about their
personality, family background and later income and jobs.
results showed that six personality factors were linked to a long life:

  • energy,
  • empathy,
  • calmness,
  • tidiness,
  • intellectual curiosity,
  • and maturity.
Only impulsiveness was linked
to a shorter lifespan.
may affect lifespan in a number of ways, the authors write:
“Life course mechanisms
linking personality to poorer health outcomes include the adoption of poor
health behaviours and long-term effects of wear and tear on the immune,
endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Maladaptive traits also appear to limit
later educational attainment, impede mid-life occupational advancement and
increase risk of divorce-social and socioeconomic factors linked to later
it’s surprising how predictive adolescent personality can be, the study’s
authors write:
“In one sense, the tracing of
personality-mortality associations back to adolescence is surprising because
the high school years are widely seen as a time of personality development and
So, although people may change
over the years, it is not enough to wipe out the effects of personality on
The study was published in the
Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health (Chapman et al., 2019).
Kayode Ojo
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