To die or to live,
Which makes freer?
Pain or Joy,
Which will never leave?
Sometimes, it seems that
broken promises,
dashed hopes,
and heartbreaks
are the wages pain pay.
You bleed for what you’ve become,
Lost in your true self.
Every time you look in the mirror,
You see the monster they’ve made of you.
It all began when your softness collided
with the harshness of the world.
It all replays!
How they cut you in two
with their words like a sword.
How your kindness was torn into shreds,
stabbed by the ones you even called friends.
Now, they say you’re heartless, cold, and evil.
They forget that this devil was once an angel.

Esther Kalu
Esther Kalu Ndidi also known as Rukenny is budding poet, short story writer, content writer, freelance writer and journalist who explores her love for writing with the scribbles from her heart, with the aim of impacting positive change. She is a student of Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. Esther blogs at Rukenny's Secrets.