Never be quick to
judge someone.
You don’t know what
they are going through.
You don’t know what
is going through them.
Let me share a
story with u…
I was in the bus yesterday.
A man was sitting
right in front of me at the extreme. I wasn’t comfortable cos of his sitting
position as i was heavily feeling pains on my legs. So along the way someone
bedside him highlighted at a bus stop.  I
was happy because that will make him to shift inside so that i would be able to
stretch my aching folded legs. Unfortunately, this man did not shift!
They might seem
fine and gay,
But you don’t know
if the sun is not shining on their hay!
I was furious
I murmured… and
thought within myself, this man is an epitome of heartlessness. He knew I wasn’t
comfortable where I was sitting, so why would he just decide to stick to that
sit to continue making me uncomfortable, I thought within myself. I called him
all sort of names my small brain could emit in my head… you won’t blame me
right?  Yes you cannot because I was in
the middle of aches that doesn’t seem ending. Though I knew the man wasn’t
comfortable too but he should have shifted to make himself comfortable and make
me stretch my legs and be at ease. …
The space was hell
in a cell…
Later knew that was
the reason that man did not shift to the space because he had long legs like
mine… as the space could only be comfortable for a very short person.
Then I felt sorry
for myself
Mr., please I’m
sorry I never this is what you’re going through.
I kept on calling
him all sort of names not knowing he’s seeing what I’m not seeing.
Finally this man
highlighted at the next bus stop. Thank God!
I didn’t even wait
till he finished getting down before moving to that space he refused to shift
to. Immediately, I kept adjusting my body… lo and behold. … that sit was
from a frying pan to the fire!
In fact I was
better where I sat before, not only was my legs folded there too n aching, my
bony buttocks started to pain. … which kine wahala I come jump into this
morning, I thought within myself. ..
Not only did I felt
aches on my folded legs, I also because of impatience to move to where SEEM
comfortable added a paining butt to it.
I felt remorseful
till I got down
Now, that is how
life is. This man did not utter a word, which is why even if someone is going
through some things or don’t want to take some steps or decisions we tend to
quickly judge them, chastise them, condemn them. We don’t know what they are
seeing or feeling because they refused to tell u.
I told him to
shift, don’t know if he heard or not. But that is how it is, you might ask them
what is going on and they might either refuse to talk to you about it or simply
just tell “I’m fine”. Then
you’ll hold on to go ahead and judge them, he told me he’s fine so he’s just
being heartless and cruel intentionally!
So even if you’re
not seeing any excuse for people’s action, b calm and patient, learn and
Some things are
better not said and they are best understood than some things voiced with less
There’s no end or
limit to patience.
I don’t believe in
You are only losing
You are only losing
your patience!
You can never be
patient enough
You’ve only been
riding it rough
You have only been
having it tough!
Never be quick to
judge people’s actions, behavior or character.
If they give half
of what is stuck in their life, you might not live to tell the story!


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