Dear classmate,

Hope this letter meet you well,
I have things I want to tell.
We had all the crazy fun back in school,
The ‘toasting’ of girls, playing games and messing around, that was cool.
Nothing, they say, last forever, that’s true,
After the valedictory service, how we both live, we had no clue.

But, let’s catch up a bit!

Some of us sat for JAMB after our graduation and got admitted into the university the following year.
While some of us had to sit for JAMB couple of years to get admitted into college of tech.
And don’t forget, some of us never smelt the opportunity to sit for JAMB.
That is because our parents couldn’t afford to train us further, so we were only left with no other option but to learn a trade.

I know along the way you could have jammed one or two of our classmates,
but you threw away your face like you didn’t see or remember them.
I understand, you’re trying to build your reputation.
Some of us travelled out of the country due to the ‘no-prospect’ ‘no-future’ here in our country. 

For those that gained admission into the university, some graduated on time on their four, five-year course, while others got extras spending up to six, seven years, before they finally gave them, ‘let my people go’.
Some of us that never had the opportunity to smell the university are doing well too in our line of business, some of us turned out to be mechanic, barber, tailor, petty traders.

Do you remember that boy that sits behind you in class, I once entered his transport. He’s now a ‘danfo’ driver. He was feeling bad seeing me in clean shirts and trousers.
Some of us that graduated from the university served our fatherland with the whole of our heart.
Some of us got a job after service, while some? Still submitting their CV.
Some of us ended up in the classroom as a teacher just to earn a living.
While some of us had to look for capital to set up our small businesses here in Nigeria.
Some of us got a job very early, so we were able to save money to get married and start a family.
While some of us, even after the university, couldn’t even boast of one good square meal.
Some of us got frustrated and went into social vices, while some of us became a pastor and Imam.
Some of us got a good job, so we were able to save up to buy a new car and build our own house, while some of us still jump inside ‘molue’ and live in our father’s house.

Some of us got married very early and started having kids, beautiful and lovely kids, while some of us, we got married early too, but we are yet to welcome our first fruit.
While some of us are celebrating our birthdays, some fell by the wayside in the journey of life. They died of road accident, killed by unknown gunmen, killed by a stray bullet and some even died after a brief illness.
Some of us got a beautiful family, but we lost our husbands and wives early in the marriage.

Some of us that couldn’t afford university, now our kids are about to enter the university. While some of us, we are yet to gain our grounds to meet up with our own immediate needs talk more starting a family.
Some of us with kids today, our kids are without a father and mother. Because we were caught up in the game.

Now you have seen what each and everyone of us have become today. We all wanted to follow the same path, but life gave us different paths with no other suitable options to choose from. So, when next you meet me on the way, bear this in mind come what may. 

Yours fellow classmate,
Adeshile Adekolajo is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Abuja, He works for Ntel Nigeria and he owns - He is a writer, blogger and poet, to read more of his interesting and educative articles, please log on to -