I’m good, I’m bad

I’m soft but I could also be hard

I’m strong, I’m mild.

I’m gentle but I could also be wild!

I’m nice, I’m nasty

I’m cool but I sometimes I could be crusty

I’m kind, I’m aggressive

I’m jovial, but I could also be unimpressive

I’m hot, I’m cold.

I’m nothing but a speck of dust. But I could also be the finest gold!

I’m loyal, I’m not trustworthy

I’m modest but I could lousy!

The moment you learn this about people, No One Can Break You!

Adeshile Adekolajo is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Abuja, He works for Ntel Nigeria and he owns - He is a writer, blogger and poet, to read more of his interesting and educative articles, please log on to -