Turn heads with these insane lip designs


The bold lip has become hugely
trendy, but this photo gallery focuses on lip designs that take bold to the
next level. There are countless makeup artists out in the world and on
Instagram, both professionally trained and self-taught, who amaze their clients
and followers with their stunningly outrageous lip designs. Halloween is
usually the time when over-the-top makeup surfaces, but you can have a
head-turning lip any day of the year, whether you’re going out to a club at
night or feeling imaginative and playful during the day.
Sparkling Cinderella

This lip design, as well as
half of the other designs on this list, was done by self-taught makeup artist
and Instagrammer Virginia Alanis (@virginiaalanis). Alanis, who is a mother of
four, delves into the creative world of makeup artistry to relieve herself of
the stresses of life. “I do my makeup according to how my mood is that
day,” she tells me. “I suffer from high anxiety attacks, and most of
the time I feel helpless.” Improving her beauty skills and constantly
generating fun new ideas helps give her a feeling of control. “It’s not
what is trending on Twitter or what new palette is coming out on
Instagram,” she enforces. “It’s the true meaning behind each line and
shadow put into that lip look.”
This look is what Alanis calls
“The Cinderella Blue Lip.” “I was obviously inspired by the new
Cinderella movie which is also connected to my childhood memories,” she
says. As any Disney fan can recall, Cinderella wears her signature blue dress,
which is wonderfully represented here with a lovely gradient of light blue to
dark blue. The magical element of the movie is captured by the intensely
glittered upper lip and gem stone.
Icy blue

If you love the concept of the
Cinderella lip but don’t want to go all out with the glitter and gem stones,
you can try this more casual, yet still bold, icy blue look. Professional
makeup artist and beauty blogger Hillary Kline, who has been featured in many
other outlets (including Marie Claire, Bravo, Buzzfeed and more), has her own
version of what it takes to look like an ice queen. For this design she
actually goes pretty far outside the box, using a surprising product that most
people would never consider to put on their lips: eyeshadow.
“You wouldn’t really think
about putting eyeshadow on your lips, would you? I have experimented with this
and it’s pretty cool!” she tells me. “Take a blue metallic eyeshadow
and mix it with a clear lip balm in a mixing dish. Then, for extra precision,
take a lip brush and apply the mixture to your lips. I wanted a little more
depth so I took a darker blue eyeshadow and shaded at the bottom of the
Vamp it up

This is another look by Alanis
that takes us further into the world of fantasy. As she explains to me while
sharing her designs, “Many looks are usually inspired by something I saw
that day, or sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night because I
dreamed a look.” While there may not be real vampires walking around (or
are there?), this lip design is sexy, bold, and definitely dreamy.
Even if you don’t want to
simulate dripping blood from your mouth on a regular, casual day, you can still
use the ideas from this look to make a dark red lip bolder. The shining, bright
red lip gloss adds more dimension that will definitely make heads turn when
applied against a darker background.
Chase the rainbow

This lip design by Hillary
Kline is the ultimate picture of fun. These multicolor lips are absolutely
mesmerizing and can easily be worn any day of the week — as long as you’re bold
enough! And you don’t even have to eat packs upon packs of Skittles all day
(even if you may want to) to get this beautiful result.
“What is fun about
creating the rainbow look is that there’s really nowhere you can mess it
up,” Kline says. “Each rainbow look will look different. I like to
make sure the colors blend. You can use eyeliners for this look or you can use
a colorful eyeshadow palette, which is what I did here. Make sure that you
clean off your lip brush every single time you switch colors. To add a little
pop to this look, I took a clear lip gloss, dabbed it on my finger and then
dabbed it gently on my lips. Do not smoosh your lips together!”
Remember, bold doesn’t always
have to be intimidating or dark. Add a little whimsy to your day and you’ll
blow people’s minds just as much!
Leopard lips

Virginia Alanis got
inspiration for this tantalizing and exotic look from an unlikely source: Lisa
Frank. If you’re having trouble placing this name, it was the company that
produced all of those brightly colored school supplies that kids simply
couldn’t get enough of. “I was a ’90s baby,” Alanis says, “and
my parents couldn’t afford the then very expensive Lisa Frank pencils and folders
for school. I decided I could inspire other people; [even if] you can’t have
it, you can make it yours by being inspired by it.”
For this leopard design, bold
is an understatement. For anyone who wants to show off how fabulous they are on
a daily basis, this is most definitely the look for you. Not only is the
pattern stimulating, but the colors blend from purple to red to orange like
there is a sunset taking place on your lips.
Purple glitter

Not only does this particular
lip design use rainbow glitter for the corners of the lips, but it also uses
little gem-like flakes for some extra texture. The bold purple is striking on
its own, but combined with the extra shimmer this design is simply unstoppable.
“The purple one with glitter on the outer corners was inspired by my
daughter,” Alanis shares. “It was her birthday that day, and I just
had sat down to do a look and that popped into my head.”
Of course a little girl would
love this kind of look for a birthday party (especially a princess-themed one),
but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for adults! We all still feel like a kid
sometimes, and it’s refreshing to bring that kind of freedom and imagination to
the bold lip.

If you’re looking for a lip
design that pops but you’re low on time, this look is going to be your go-to.
It’s not difficult to achieve, for those of you who are concerned with your
level of makeup mastery, and it still attracts attention. “You can take
any one of your favorite lip colors and apply all over,” Kline explains.
“Then, I took a gold glitter eyeliner and rimmed my lips. I then went back
in and add more in the corners. If gold isn’t your thing and you want to
venture out, try silvers, purples, greens, or black glitter eyeliners around
the lip area.”
The best part about this
design is that it comes with so many options. The glitter-lined template can be
applied to any color and used for any kind of event. Want to do something
beautiful for a sunny spring day? Copy Kline’s example. Want to go out and
party with your girls? Get a little darker with your base lip color and a
little more lively with the glitter for an impressive contrast.
Star glow

This design by Virginia Alanis
was inspired by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Again we have a beautiful blend, this
time of electric purple, blue, and pink with a glimmering, glossy finish. For
Alanis, this design is about “the way the colors mix, blending away all
your worries and just going into this magical land full of wonder and colors.”
The lipsticks that she used were Jeffree Star’s Blow Pony and Queen Supreme,
while the gloss on top is Maybelline Shine Shot Prismatic Lip Top Coat. Just
like beauty icon Jeffree Star, this lip design Alanis came up with is bold,
beautiful, and vibrant.
Get crazy

There is no limit to what the
word “bold” can mean for you. Sure, it can mean dark lips, but it can
also mean doing something wholly unique and inspiring with your look. There are
bold lip designs out there for every type of personality, whether you’re just
stepping out of your comfort zone or you love to be the center of everyone’s
gaze. Dare to be more creative and enchanting with your daily routine. You
don’t have to be a certified professional to learn how to recreate these
spellbinding looks!

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.