By nature and design, we all are receiving stations—–We are always receiving and transmitting energy at varying frequencies. This will be good to keep in mind always.

Photo credit: Ottawa Holistic Wellness

What however is more of significance, and which we don’t always take cognizance of is that while we receive blocks of energy-based information from our inner and higher identity (and from Source Energy), how and what we transmit, or what we flow out, is largely dependent on our core beliefs or nature of our perception. So, one who is not aware to a significant degree of his beliefs, or nature of his/her perception, or his/her habit of focus and attention will tend to interpret these inner promptings in a limiting and limited way, blocking off a whole lot of very rich and empowering data and information from Source Energy, who is ever flowing pure positive energy to all us, his/her extensions.

But, as always, it is ok. We are here to live our lives in all ways possible and exploring all possibilities there are.

Kunle O. Daramola
Kunle O. Daramola is an individual that is passionate about exploring the farther reaches of the human mind. His fascination with a broader, enlightening and empowering perspective of life and existence has equipped him with leading-edge ideas on the paradigm shift that will launch humanity into its future of magnificence and individual empowerment. He anchors ‘Imagine’ on SHEFFA, a bi-weekly column where he shares his thoughts and general opinion on life. Read more of his articles on KUNDRAMS