Source: DNA India

She would cover her face with a black hijab but leave enough skin for you to fall in love her eyes.

You will tremble at the depth and hunger for a taste.

When you take her out tonight, you would beg to hold her hands.

Tell her that dress has made her hands so warm.

You would beg for a hug and she-slowly slips her warm hands around your neck.

You would pray for chains to bound you to her and before she cuts off this embrace.

You would slowly brush your face on her cheeks and the softness of her flesh would leave you still.

You would beg for her flesh.

You would beg for her touch and when her smile exposes the soft pink of her tongue. You would beg for a taste.

Your eyes would hunger and your throat would go dry and when years have passed and she is yours;

You will seat at the rooftop with your friends and laugh about your youthful chide.

You will tell them that they would not know what it feels like to hunger for another – until they have met a woman that completely sucks the breath from their lungs.

Wendy Okeke
Wendy Okeke is a Banker, part-time Poet and Writer with deep rooted passion for Women Rights activism. She is an all-round lover of the Arts and co-founder of Wellspring of Haven Foundation. Wendy hopes to use her work to create a web that celebrates individuality in Nigeria.