What is “Hygge Life,” and Why Should You Live It?

Living La Vida Hygge

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The secret to a more joyful
life? Having joy.
We could preach the benefits
of positive energy and gratitude journals all day, but that’s not really our
thing. We are, however, going to address a centuries-old Danish axiom that
trended so hard in recent years, Vice did a news segment on it: the concept of
What is Hygge?

This Danish word pronounced
“hoo gah” roughly translates to “coziness” or the feeling of a hug. Mmm sounds
warm and fuzzy. Hygge life is a Scandi custom of home decor that’s centered on
calm, inviting interiors. It also values abstract principles like contentment,
coziness, simplicity, relationships, and relaxation.
“How many times have you heard
that Scandinavians are statistically the world’s happiest people (annoying,
right)? Well, the Danes credit hygge for this quality of life.”
The rest of the world seems to
have its own version. With hit shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that
promote practices similar to hygge, it’s now more popular than ever to
incorporate Scandi minimalism into your life. And we all know that true
happiness stems from following what’s popular (okay, maybe not). But there’s
always something to learn. The biggest takeaway from the KonMari Method is
filling your home with things that spark joy. If something you own doesn’t
incite sprightly effervescence, dispose of it. So are you ready to spark some
joy? Well here’s how to hygge your life.

Incorporate hygge to make the
most of your space and lifestyle

#1. Cozify Your Quarters the
Hygge Way

How do people relax during a
polar vortex? Hyggeify your life.
hygge life home decor
Get some peace of mind by
organizing your rooms. If you ask Marie Kondo, a decluttered abode is a cozy
Keep everything in place with
baskets or containers that hold hygge essentials like plush blankets. Consider
storage ottomans or benches for extra space. Decluttering is a simple way to
find everyday ease and contentment.
You can also combine
contemporary furniture with statement pieces for a minimalist but unique design.
New furniture is a worthwhile investment, but you can keep things affordable by
purchasing from online furniture retailers with plenty of soft and cozy
Buffalo check, tartan and
gingham are popular patterns during colder months for that cabin vibe. Find
comfy throw pillows or rugs in your favorite colors to bring a snug feel to
your home. Fill your place with board games and snacks, so that whoever has the
pleasure of being your guest will feel at home.
The Un-Hygge Way: Avoid
treating your space as a dumping ground for random things: get rid of that lone
chair holding heaps of laundry or that stack of junk mail on your kitchen
table. Your home should be more than a crash pad. Make it feel like a home, and
you’ll enter it blissfully at the end of each day.

#2. Hygge Life Aesthetics

It’s the little things that
really make a room. Keep styles uncomplicated and clean while fostering a
playful spirit.
Hygge life aesthetics
Highlight your hobbies through
decor and cultivate shared fun. For example, dart boards are an awesome game to
take part in with guests. This wall deco functions as a home good that displays
your personality.
If you collect something
unique, like vintage signs, put your collection on display as wall art. Maybe
you play an instrument as a hobby. Showcase the instrument itself, or decorate
with sheet music and lyrics that speak to your personality.
Don’t forget about light.
Simplistic accents such as pendant, string, table or floor lamps provide
ambiance to an otherwise straightforward space. Candles are another great way
to tie in atmosphere. Tingle the senses with musky scents that promote warmth
and virility like cinnamon, lemongrass and sandalwood.
Other hygge life
accompaniments are herb and spice gardens and every type of houseplant. Bring
serenity through life. If you love cooking, show that you’re serious about the
freshness of your basil.
If your not yet ready for a
life partner, or a dog, or a high-maintenance plant, consider easy to care for
options like jade, cacti and succulents. Think outside the box when displaying
greenery and use rustic hanging pots or freestanding grid gardens.
The Un-Hygge Way: Find the
balance between bland interiors and untidy messes. Hygge values minimalism and
practicality while also cherishing cozy personal touches. Don’t fill your space
with too much or adorn with so little that it leaves you uninspired. And get
rid of old items that no longer serve a purpose. Vintage record players are
cool, but when was the last time you used a rotary phone? You can dispose of
that, along with your ex-girlfriend’s toothbrush.

#3. Suiting Up Hygge

Staying cozy doesn’t just
apply to your home. Bring hygge life and the feeling of a warm hug into every
aspect, including clothing.
Hygge life cozy wear
When venturing outdoors, stay
stylish without giving up heat. There are more options than looking like Yeti
or death by cold. Winter suits are particularly handy in cold weather. Look for
heavy fabrics like wool, tweed and even flannel. Keep wardrobe colors wintery
and timely with refreshing tones like oxblood, hunter green or cognac.
Layering clothing and
investing in coats will help you stay cozy during frigid months. When layering,
remember to focus on the base and mid layers as well as the shell, then complement
with some color and texture. Pea coats, overcoats or parkas are terrific
additions to any look.
The Un-Hygge Way: While
trouncing around in sweatpants may seem the epitome of hygge life, you should
still hold yourself to a certain standard when out and about. Avoid looking
like you just rolled out of bed and keep remnants of your 10-hour movie
marathon at home. You may also want to steer clear of cold, tanned fabrics like
leather in the dead of winter.

#4. Indulge in Self-Care and
Live Your Best Hygge Life

Savoring each and every bit of
life is a Danish staple meaning it’s important to keep yourself in tiptop
condition. There are plenty of masculine opportunities to treat yourself.
Hygge life self care
Think about adding a
moisturizer to your shaving routine to keep your skin smooth and protected from
blustery weather. Hit the gym for an invigorating workout to beat the slumps
and winter blues.
Take care of your mind as well
as your body by adopting new routines, noting small blessings and expressing
gratitude. Relax by using your free time to unwind with a new movie or buy a
new book and learn about an exciting new topic. Indulge in a little hot
chocolate, add a little extra whipped cream to your coffee. The options are
endless, so make self-care a priority.

The Un-Hygge Way: Doing too
much may stress you out while doing too little leaves you feeling unmotivated.
Find composure and assurance by keeping a schedule and setting time aside for
self-care activities. And maybe try hitting the Juul a little less.

#5. Hygge Love: Join In on
Cuffing Season

If you haven’t heard, it’s
cuffing season. You can “hold your breath ’till your face turns purple” à la
Lil’ Wayne, or you can embrace that love is in the air and get cozy with a
special someone.
Hygge life cuffing season
Companionship is a major asset
to incorporating hygge. Turn that abstract warm hug into a tangible one.
If you’re coupled up already,
cold weather can make it impossible to leave your home or apartment. Come up
with ideas to keep yourselves occupied, like trying a new recipe or starting a
new T.V. series. You can also avoid isolating yourselves from friends by
planning group activities–perhaps invite some guests over to your newly
hygge-ified abode.
If you’re single, be
open-minded. Don’t spend all day glued to your phone, but you can use social
media and dating apps as ways to flirt and get to know others. You never know
who could be waiting on the other side of your next DM or right swipe.

The Un-Hygge Way: While it’s
easy to hibernate and accept becoming a recluse during the winter months,
resist the urge by getting to know others. On that 15th episode of a TV series
binge, reconsider pressing play and get yourself out there. Join a new club,
visit coffee shops or hit the local bar to see what’s going on in your
sartorial savages

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.