the 4th of July, 2015 (the first Saturday in the month of July), I
had the opportunity to meet some great people from the United Kingdom. At an
event that was hosted by the British Council tagged “
Study in the UK
Education Exhibition 2015
”. This wonderful
event was held in the Lantala Hall of the Eko Hotel & Suites. It had in
attendance, quite a number of Universities from the United Kingdom with a
handful of delegates and some of their study materials to show prospective
students a bit of how it is like to study in England.

Universities were offering a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
in various disciplines. They also had scholarships, employment opportunities and
other programs specifically designed for overseas students but that is not
why I chose to write about the event.

topic was adopted from the opening lecture at the UK Exhibition and it was
delivered by a Senior Lecturer, Mr. Amritt Flora from Middlesex University,
North-London, UK. Mr. Flora is an exhilarating and educative speaker, he took
us through his wealth of experience with loads of illustrations and discussions
on the topic; how it relates to our everyday activities and we could not hide
our appreciation and gratitude at the end of the speech/lecture. The whole hall
was gripped with rounds of thunderous applause at the end of his lecture.

questions above are important questions in the life of any individual; your
perceptions and views on them can be used to separate the rich from the poor,
the greatest from the great, and the successful from the mediocre and so on. In
the course of his lecture, Mr Flora held a blank sheet of paper and asked every
one of us, what we thought about this paper. “Have you ever wondered why the A4
paper is the same all over the world, except in the U.S.? “Have any of you ever
thought of the reason why it is in this measurement?
He kept asking questions
but no one could give him answers, we were too perplexed and paralyzed to alter
any word. The whole hall was dead silent.

piece of paper signifies a new day, a beacon of new hope, a new opportunity, a
new means of diversity and adversity and any other way you would like to
describe it
”. He stated further that, “Because whatever you do with it can
change your life forever
”. “You can write a Grammy award winning song on it,
you can write a life-changing poem, an article or a drama, you can draw an
evergreen artistic piece on it
”, “You can shrewd it and throw it in the trash
You can do anything and everything with it but it all depends on you and whatever
you intend to do with it
” He concluded.

explained that, what has led to the greatest innovations and technological
achievement that were only imaginable some years ago is the ability of some
inquisitive minds to ask questions and try to offer solutions. He stressed that
creative minds are inquisitive minds and he listed a number of questions we
should always ask. They are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

What If- Mr Flora
stated that this question can help a great deal in our quest to change our
lives and the lives of those around us for the better. This question precedes a
new beginning. What if I stop those life wasting activities, would I be a
better person? What if this is done another way, what would the outcome be?
What if I do it the other way, what would it look like? These questions
highlight the turning point of some successful people and how they were able to
achieve success in life against all odds is in their courage and how they were
able break from the norm.

How- This questions
the whole process. Asking about “How” aids a great deal in strategic planning.
How was this/that achievable? How did he come about that? How did the Wright
brothers created a bird-like object that could fly? How was the first phone
created? How was the first television-set created? How can I get better grades this
semester/session? How can I be a better person? Those questions would only lead
to more questions and at the end of the day you would end up achieving more
than the target you have set for yourself.
Where- This have to do
with the place, the location or venue among others. The speaker/lecturer
stressed that it is pertinent to be at the right place at the right time for
the right reason. This question is simple, but is it? Where should an aspiring Mechanical
Engineer need to be? This also covers a range of questions on being with the
wrong people at the wrong place at the right point in our youthful life. The
question on “where” is one of the reasons why some promising stars with huge
potentials start on a commendable note but end up being horrible
disappointments later in life. As the popular saying goes that, “time is money,
please invest it wisely”. The difference between rich/wealthy men and the
not-so-successful ones is how they both invest their time into meaningful
ventures and ensure they get wonderful results (Oluwole Olusanya, 2015).

Why- Asking about why
that and this are so has led to the greatest achievements of our time; the ones
we have seen, the ones we are about to see and we are yet to see. “Why” and “What
” are inversely related. Why is that so? What if it is like this? Why is this
done this way? What if it is done another way? Why is the television-set black
and white? What if it is enhanced to show multiple colors? Why does the ATM
dispense cash? What if it can be improved to accept cash deposits also?

Who- This questions
the targeted market and the prospective customers of a proposed product or
service. The market appeal of any product automatically dictates the lifespan of
that product because there is no company or manufacturer that wants to produce
for its management and staff alone. The “who” is one of the most potent
question that any one that intends to sell must seriously consider.

a lighter note, Mr Amritt Flora stated that in any and every situation we find ourselves in life, we should always consider ourselves as great people and we are
able to achieve the most unimaginable things ever thought of. It is just a
question of how we are able to develop and task our minds.
Bless Us All.

Oluwole Sheriff
Oluwole Olusanya
Oluwole Olusanya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and entertainment website in the country. He is a banker, writer, blogger, public affairs analyst and a tax consultant. He anchors Trending Topics on SHEFFA where he shares his thoughts and opinions on trending issues. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom. He has diplomas in Banking and Finance, Investigative Journalism, Creative Writing, and Linguistics from Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.