Your Complete Guide to Jean Color

Every color you need to be

Written by Salvatore Marashi

Every guy owns a pair of jeans.
They’re reliable, easy, and (usually) just look damn good. From time to time
you might find yourself stuck in the same style rut. That trusty pair of go-to
jeans are great but you shouldn’t be wearing them every day. Fret not, we have
the solution. Changing up your jean color is the perfect answer for breathing
life back into your wardrobe. So here’s your guide to every jean color.
Beyond the Blue Jean

So those jeans we were talking
about earlier, yeah the pair you wear religiously, they’re blue jeans, right?
I’m sensing a mid-wash, somewhere between light and dark. That go-to example of
what a pair of jeans should look like. Great! Those jeans are good but let’s
expand your horizons.
Light and dark wash jeans are
excellent starting choices. They’re still classic looks and will fit with
pretty much anything in your wardrobe.
Light Wash: The Easiest Way to
Change Your Jean Color

                         Light wash
Light wash jeans nail summer
style. They pair well with both lights and darks, letting you look weather
appropriate no matter if your wearing winter holdovers like black or navy.
Look Damn Good in Dark Wash

                         Dark Wash
Dark wash jeans function much
the same way. When paired with lighter colors, they keep you from veering too
casual. With dark tops, they create a streamlined look that has the added
benefit of being slimming.
Together, these should be
mandatory for your jean collection.
Seriously Cool Black Jeans

While blue jeans are cool and
all, there’s something badass about a pair of black jeans. They have just the
right amount of effortless style without venturing too far into the black
leather pants category of a heavy-metal guitarist.
Literally, pair them with
anything and they’re going to work.
White Jeans: The Jean Color
You Didn’t Realize You Needed

White jeans may seem daunting
and well they kinda are. However, when done right, white jeans can show off
some serious sartorial skills.
For white jeans, you’ll
probably have to try on lots of pairs. The wrong one and you’ll look more like
your wearing a pair of painters pants than getting ready to relax on your
private beach. Additionally, stick to slimmer styles. Anything baggy and you’ll
be invoking 90’s R&B vibes (if that’s what you’re going for then, by all
means, ignore all of our fashion advice). Keep it simple and form-fitting. The
reward will be worth the effort.
Tan Jeans: No Longer Just For

Tan jeans are criminally
underrated. They give your look serious style points without some of the risks
that come with white jeans. This is especially true in the summer when wearing
black jeans in the blazing sun is a form of torture.
Pair them with pastels or dark
colors to play up the contrast.
Military Vibes With Olive

There’s a reason the military
chooses olive. Besides the functionality, it looks damn good. Olive jeans
capitalize on that timeless style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other
shades of green such as emerald or forest.
Unfortunately, olive doesn’t
look good with everything. Gravitate towards solids like whites, blacks, and
Maroon Jeans: The Adventurous
Jean Color

For guys with balls of steel,
maroon jeans might just be your next move. I won’t lie that maroon jeans are
tough to style. However, the right shade of not-too-bright maroon is
understated enough but will still get you noticed for all the right reasons.
Take extra care to craft an
outfit that’ll work with these jeans. If you pull them off, then you have our
eternal respect.
Jeans epitomize men’s style
more than any other item in your wardrobe. With the responsibility of everyday
wear, it’s time to elevate jeans out of the style vacuum they’ve been relegated
What jean colors do you love?
Let us know below.
Salvatore Marashi

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.