Your Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wallets

The most important aspect of
your everyday carry

Written by Salvatore Marashi

Every man needs a wallet.
Wallets are not only are an extension of one’s fashion sense, but also a
necessary everyday carry item for toting around the things you need to get
through the day.  That being said,
wallets are often overlooked when it comes to cultivating a wardrobe.  Here’s everything you need to know about
maintaining the one you have or finding a new wallet that will update your
Common Mistakes

Before we get into wallet
types and materials, let’s first talk wallet care.  One of the first and biggest mistakes you can
make that will really shorten your wallet’s lifespan is stuffing it to the
brim.  Hey, good for you if you’ve got
paper like Al Pacino from Scarface, but even he could benefit from trimming
things down.  Cash is great to have in
your wallet, but just be sure to keep it light. 
Only carry with you what you actually need.  You can always run to the bank and get more
cash.  Additionally, leave coins at home,
(but keep quarters in your car for parking) as they will add unnecessary weight
to your wallet.  Another thing you should
leave out are condoms.   They break down
after extended periods in your wallet, and can cause a ring indentation to
form.  Not good. 
So what should be in your
wallet?  We say, keep it simple.  A debit card, credit card, I.D and maybe one
or two more cards of importance are all you should have.  Everything else can be kept at home or in the
bank.  Not only does this keep your
wallet from becoming an unsightly bulge in your pocket, but it’s also a safe
practice in case it ever gets misplaced or stolen.
Types of Wallets

if you’re in the market for a
new wallet, there are a few more things to consider.  Choosing the type of wallet is as important
for style as it is for function.  Here
are the different types and some considerations to take.

Billfolds come in two basic
types: bi-fold and tri-fold.  These are
the classic wallets you’d associate with a professional.  Often made of leather, they’re as attractive
as they are functional.  This is a
timeless choice and certainly a top pick for any gentleman.

Save: Cali Passecase, Perry
Ellis $18 | Spend: Coach Slim Billfold, Coach $125
Super Slim Wallets
Only made to hold a few cards,
super slim wallets are a great way to keep the size of your wallet
minimized.  They also have the added
benefit of making almost no impression in your pocket, so they won’t ruin the
look of your tailored pants. Typically made with leather, they still maintain
their mature look, while cutting down on bulk. 
These wallets also tend to keep their shape better, making them a good
alternative to the classic billfolds.
$19.95 | Spend: Hampshire Slim Sleeve, Rag and Bone $125
Sport Wallets

Sport wallets are good for
exactly what you think they’d be good for. 
They are a bit sturdier and keep contents secured while on a run or
working out at the gym.  Often times,
they are water resistant and made of synthetic materials so they won’t crack
from heat or use.  While sports wallets are
necessary for what they’re made for, get one in addition to–not in replacement
of–your everyday wallet.
Save: Base Camp Wallet, North
Face $25 | Spend:  Y-S Sports Wallet,
VRNTS $155
Money Clips

Money clips are simplicity
incarnate.  They are an easy and
effective way to carry a few cards or bills, and they fit nicely in a suit
jacket’s breast pocket.  Also, money
clips can be made from many types of materials, from classic leather to steel.  They can also come in cool designs, giving you
another way to up your flair. 
Save:  Ingram Money Clip, Fossil $25 | Spend:  Money Clip, Tumi $75

Travel Wallets

When traveling abroad,
naturally you’re going to being carrying more stuff.  Instead of filling your wallet to the gills,
opt for a travel wallet.  Made to hold
passports and other forms of identification, travel wallets are crucial for
long stays abroad.  They can be made with
any material to fit your needs.  Leather
looks work great for business trips while waterproof materials keep everything
safe when you’re out adventuring.  This
being said, they’re not for daily use and should never be relegated as such.
Save: Leather RFID Passport
Case, Fossil $55 | Spend: Burnished Leather Narrow Wallet, Polo Ralph Lauren
Phone Case Wallets

For the minimalists out there,
phone case wallets are ideal.  With the
need to have more and more stuff in your pockets, phone case wallets reduce the
clutter.  While not as professional as a
billfold wallet, they do get the job done.
Save:  Solo, Azalea $40 | Splurge:  Plus Wallet, J.W Hulme $145
Wallets, like watches, are an
underrated wardrobe and style staple. 
There are tons of different versions out there.  Shop around, and when you find that perfect
wallet, take the time to take care of it so it’ll last you for the long haul.

Salvatore Marashi

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.